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Tungsten W-2 Coil

Tungsten W-2 Coil is an alloy wire of 15% cobalt, 5% nickel and 80% tungsten. This combination produces an extremely hard and strong material with excellent high-temperature stability and electrical conductivity properties, making it ideal for welding applications. It also has good resistance to wear and erosion because of its low coefficient of friction, even in extreme conditions. Its durability makes Tungsten W-2 Coil a highly sought-after material for industrial uses such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace engineering, tube bending forming and additive manufacturing.

Tungsten W-2 coil is a unique material used in multiple applications thanks to its impressive properties. It is temperature-resistant up to 500°C and has good electrical conductivity and high corrosion resistance. Additionally, it exhibits great mechanical characteristics such as strong tensile strength, good surface hardness and excellent machinability. These features make tungsten W-2 coil ideal for electric welding machines, machine tools, lightbulb filaments and many other industrial or home applications.

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