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An angle, often called an "angle iron" or "steel angle," is a metal piece that is shaped like the letter "L" when viewed in cross-section. It has two legs of equal or unequal length that meet at a right angle. These angles are commonly used in construction and fabrication for various purposes, such as:

Structural Support: Angles are often used to provide structural support and reinforcement in buildings and structures. They can be used to create frames, supports, and brackets.

Framework: Angles are used to create frameworks for various applications, such as shelves, racks, and frames for machinery.

Corner Bracing: They are employed to provide bracing and support at corners and joints, helping to maintain the structural integrity of a project.

Trim and Edging: In some cases, angles are used as trim or edging to protect edges or provide a finished look to a project.

The choice of material (e.g., steel, aluminum, stainless steel) and the specific dimensions (e.g., the length of the legs and the thickness of the metal) of the angle will depend on the application and the required strength and durability.

These metal angles are versatile and widely used in construction, manufacturing, and various other industries due to their strength, stability, and ease of use.