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What is a Bar?
Bars are hot rolled or cold drawn rods that are suited for structural applications. Stainless steel bars are commonly used due to their strength, corrosion resistance and toughness. Some bars are built to withstand high temperatures, as well. Bars are popular as they are easily fabricated, welded, stamped and welded. Steel bars can work in tough environments like saltwater, chemical acidic environments and also extreme temperatures, as well. Round bars can be made from a variety of materials like Alloy Steel, hastealloy, monel, Inconel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass.[readmore]

Types of Bars: -

  • Round Bars : - Round Bars are commonly used for applications such as shafts, Axels, dowels, Bolts and gears.
  • Square Bars : - Square Bars are generally used for structural applications, manufacturing and repairs. Other industries like agricultural implementation, fencing, and transportation also involve square bar usage.
  • Hex Bars : - Hex or Hexagonal bars are with six sides. These generally are cold drawn and can be altered as per application requirements.


Standards: -
Bars are regulated under ASTM A108-13 Standard specifications to meet all quality requirements.