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Bolts are a form of threaded fasteners consisting of a male external thread. Bolts and screws are generally mistaken to be same, but both have several differences in applications. Bolts are used to assemble two unthreaded components along with a nut. [readmore]

Earlier bolts with square head shapes were popular and were formed through forging. Now-a-days hexagonal headed bolts have become highly popular. Spanners and wrenches of various forms are used to tighten these bolts. Some bolts even come with T-heads and Slotted heads. Bolts come with a variety of head types like Anchor Bolt, Carriage Bolt, Elevator Bolt, Hanger Bolt, Arbor Bolt, Hex bolt, J-Bolt, Rock bolt, Lag Bolt, U-Bolt, and more. A variety of materials are used in forging bolts applicable in different situations. Stainless Steel bolts are used for their strength, Bronze and Brass Bolts are used for their water resistant properties, and Nylon Bolts are used for light weight and water resistance. Stainless Steel is the most commonly used material for Bolts.