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Steel Channels are hot rolled into C shape or box shape that are ideal for many applications. A36 Structural steel is in to C-shape channels for structural applications. It is also used for general fabrication, manufacturing and repairs. [readmore]

Steel channels are used in agricultural implementations, truck beds, trailers, transportation equipment and industrial maintenance. The C or U shaped configuration of these channels help in giving it added strength. Also, C-Shaped channels have good rigidity when a load is projected on it in vertically or horizontally. The shape is easy to machine, weld and cut using proper equipment. It is also comes in a galvanized coating which offers long lasting corrosion resistance. C-channels and Box-channels come in a variety of elements like Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Martinsite, and Titanium. C-Channels and Box channels are different, where C-channels contain openings at the side, the Box Channel contains opening at the top. Other Types of channels include J-Channel, hat Channel, and Strut Channel. Thickness of channels is determined, as per the application.