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What is a Gasket?
A Gasket is a seal used to fill spaces between two or more mating surfaces. A Gasket is generally used to prevent leakage within joined objects when compressed. Gaskets helps in filling irregularities between mating surfaces. Gaskets for high pressure applications contain asbestos. For other practical purposes non-asbestos gaskets are generally used. Certain Gaskets are completely made from metal, which rely on the seating surface to seal. Such metal joints are known as R-con and E-con compressive type joints.[readmore]

Types of Gaskets: - 
Gaskets come in different types, which vary according to usage and budget.
Sheet Gaskets: - Sheet Gaskets are basically the ones that are punched out of a Sheet of any material.  These Gaskets are used in various chemical environments based on the material inertness. Sheet gaskets are used in environments with acids, steam, caustics and corrosive chemicals.
Solid Material Gaskets: - These Gaskets offer better quality when compared to “punched out” Sheet gaskets. Solid material gaskets can withstand high temperatures and pressures extremely efficiently.
Spiral-wound Gaskets: - Spiral-Wound gaskets have a mixture of metal and fillers. A metal wound of spiral shape is attached in outward direction and a filler wound from the opposite direction. The filler material is used as the seal in these gaskets.
Double-Jacketed Gaskets: - Similar to the Spiral-Wound Gasket even the Double-Jacketed Gasket is a combination of filler and metal materials.
Kammprofile Gaskets: - These are used in older seals as these are flexible and reliable. Kammprofile Gaskets have a flexible covering over a corrugated core. The arrangement is such that it allows very high compression and tight seals along the gasket’s ridges.
Fishbone Gaskets: - The Gasket type is used as an alternative to Kammprofile and Spiral-Wound gaskets. The production is done with a CNC machine and designed to eliminate all shortcomings of the Kammprofile and Spiral-wound gaskets.
Flange gaskets: - A Flange gasket fits in between two sections of pipe that are flared and provide a high surface area. Flange gaskets have 4 major categories such as Sheet Gaskets, Ring Gaskets, Corrugated Metal Gaskets and Spiral-wound gaskets.