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Flanges are very small equipment that is used in various industries and factories. Due to this reason, its demand is very high. There are so many kinds of flanges are available. Flanges come with different grade, specifications and much more. But if you are searching for the right one then PTFE Lined Flanges is the right option for you. These flanges have great grades that are the main reason for its Popularity. These flanges also have unique features such as low conductivity, high tensile strength, low maintenance, ductility, durability and much more. These flanges are also very popular for its excellent corrosion properties.


Following are the specifications of PTFE Lined Flanges:

These flanges are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. So you can choose it as per your requirements. These flanges are manufactured as per the demands of customers. It is able to fulfill all your project needs. If you use any other flanges then you are unable to enjoy these things. The length is also set of these fasteners according to your needs. It is used in various applications such as chemical industry, marine, aerospace, food industry and much more.