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PTFE Lined Pipe Fittings

PTFE Lined Pipe Fittings, one of the latest types of pipe fittings which are made from best quality of raw material. For shaping and designing it well the advanced tools are used. It is widely used in the hazardous and highly corrosive applications. These pipe fittings have lap joint flange right at the end of it and on another side, a fixed flange is there. Its maximum length goes to the 3mm not more than that. In case if the customer demand for the more then only its length increase otherwise not. It is mainly supplied to the leakage detection to the vent holes during any of the operation section.


These pipe fittings have the great property of corrosion resistance and with that, it has high tensile strength. It works well in the high temperature and it that also it stays well for long without and cracks in its structure. It is also having the chemical resistance property. Beside this, it also has low maintenance. PTFE Lined Pipe Fittings are widely used in many of the application. It completely based on the international and national standard.