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PTFE Lined Valves, such types of the valves are designed for bearing the pressure of up to ANSI 150 pressure of rating. This general application is well focused on the corrosion media which is mainly of the chemical processes. It is really good in all properties. That’s why many industries started using it so that it goes well with their applications.


Talking about its salient features:

It is one of the low maintenance free grade option, it lives load design don’t require maintenance at all time. Beside this, it is one piece of the integral ball which gets stem combination well. It has full flow efficient and minimum cavity. It even has exceptionally the low torque just as the plug valve.

Talking about PTFE Lined Valves body, then it is made from the ductile iron, cast steel and from other different types of material. Its lining thickness is from 3mm to 5mm. not only that, it even covers well strength that makes it suitable to be used in many industrial applications. Besides this, after manufacturing of this product, some tests are done on the product that ensures its great strength and power.