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What are Valves?
A valve is a device used for directing, regulating and controlling the flow of fluids and gases. Valves are technically fittings but are classified as a separate group. Valves are used for applications in irrigation, controlling flow of gases and fluids in industries, and other residential uses such as controlling flow of water in taps.[readmore]

Valves types and application: -
Valves are built in a variety of sizes and forms to meet specific application requirements. Valves are used in plumbing, gas controlling, washing machines, dish washers, hot water systems, and poppet valves in car engines. Complex valves also use auto controlling based on their inputs and require an actuator. Valves are built in different types like: -

  • • Hydraulic Valves: -
  • • Motor
  • • Pneumatic
  • • Manual
  • • Solenoid