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"Welcome to METINOX OVERSEAS” Metinox Overseas is a legacy carried on by Sons and Grandsons who had established Laxmi Metal Syndicate in the year 1972 later followed by establishing Mukesh Steel House in the year 1991 and Bhavik Steel House established in the year 2001. Hence, This Legacy Is Carried Out From More Than 50 Years In The Field. As a trusted name in metallurgy. We are a leading Stock Holder, Exporter & Outsource Manufacturer of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. We're committed to providing top-notch materials to empower industries worldwide. Our comprehensive range includes stainless steel, mild steel, and high nickel alloys, tailored to meet various specifications.

Why Choose Us :

  • Quality Assured: Rigorous checks ensure compliance with global standards. 
  • Diverse Inventory: Offering versatility and options to suit your needs. 
  • Global Reach: Reliable exports with on-time deliveries worldwide. 
  • Technical Expertise: Our experts provide valuable insights and support. 
  • Client-Centric: Your requirements drive our solutions.

Industries Served:

Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Pharmaceuticals, and more - our materials power a range of sectors.

Our Products:

  • Stainless Steel (Various Grades): Corrosion-resistant materials for varied applications. 
  • Mild Steel (Various Grades): Versatile materials for structural and industrial use. 
  • High Nickel Alloys (Various Grades): Unmatched performance for specialized environments.

Connect Now: Elevate your projects with Metinox Overseas. Partner with us for metallurgical excellence. Empower Projects with Metinox Overseas - Your Global Metallurgical Partner." +91 7021261928 +91 9819980997 +91 9619788524 +91 22-67437598 

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Metinox Overseas

Contact Person:

Aakash Shah

Company Address

13, Purohit Niwas, 2nd carpenter street,Mumbai,Maharashtra,400004,in Mumbai Maharashtra India 400004