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ThePipingmart.com is managed by Rath Infotech and Web Solutions Pvt Ltd, a company registered in Mumbai, India. The Pipingmart.com website (which is identified by the uniform resource locator www.thepipingmart.com, the 'Site' or the 'Web Site') and Rath Infotech and Web Solutions Pvt Ltd are collectively referred to as 'The Piping Mart' in these Terms of Use ('Terms of Use' or “Agreement” or 'Terms').

These Terms describe the terms and also the conditions applicable to any person and/or Organization ('User') that registers and/or interacts with the site for whatever purpose or reason, from any fixed or mobile device and from any geographical location, registered or not registered to the site. The Piping Mart makes accessible a range of product and services on the site; the utilization of the website and also the use of any of its options and services is subject, in full, to these Terms.

The Associate of the Organization that registers the Organization with The Piping Mart represents and warrants to have the authority to bind the Organization to these Terms and is together bound to Terms with the represented Organization. If the person who registers the Organization doesn't have such authority, then this Individual is bound to the Terms personally and acts on his / her own behalf.

By registering and/or accessing and/or using the site, any User (Organization or Individual) agrees, without limitation or qualification, to be lawfully bound by (and to completely follow with) the Terms and also the Privacy Policy set forth. As a result of the Terms contain and imply several obligations, the User and any of its Associates shall read such Terms carefully before registering to the site and using any service or feature provided by the site. ThePipingmart.com can modify, amend and update the Terms any time and discretionally, without obligation to inform Users in any way, by updating this webpage. Any amendment is effective as published and applies, in full, to any new or existing User retroactively. The User that continues to use the site is lawfully bound to the updated or amended Terms. Users shall browse the Terms at least monthly to learn regarding any amendment of the Terms. Furthermore, if any of the provisions and/or the changes of the Terms is unclear to the User, the User is responsible to seek clarification with The Piping Mart. Just in case the User doesn't accept or understand the Terms fully, the User shall not use the site.

1. Site Usage

User shall use the site in compliance with the Terms; User acknowledges and agrees that the Piping Mart might block the access to the site, without prior notice or any notice, to any User that violates or is suspected to violate the Terms.

The Piping Mart further reserves the right to block the access to the site to Users that may:

Further, The Piping Mart may block the access to the site to Users that have registered with multiple identities or have provided wrong identities.
The Piping Mart reserves the right to offer different features and functions to different Users and/or group of Users; further,The Piping Mart reserves the right, without prior notice or any notice, to alter or eliminate any of the options, product, and services and to introduce new options, product and services any time.

By accepting these Terms, User acknowledges and agrees that in no event and in no case, shall The Piping Mart be liable to the User for any temporary or permanent inability to use the site, whether or not attributable to disruption of the service, restricted access to the service, breakdown of the service and its supporting hardware and software infrastructure, failures and bugs of the service, or attributable to changes to or termination of any options of the site or otherwise. Further, in no case and no event shall The Piping Mart be liable to the User for any delay, error or omission with respect to any communication or information / content exchanged, or supposed to be exchanged, on the site with the other User; and in no event, shall The Piping Mart be liable to the User for any direct and indirect damage arising from the discontinued use of the site and / or any potential loss of data , regardless the nature of such information.

2. Copyright

Any site content, such as, but not restricted to, the texts, the theme, the product database, the product nomenclature and classification, the product codes and the codification principles, the information tables, the logo, the product icons, the informative videos, the animations and the images, as well as the source code, the workflow, the information model, the business model and the pricing plans and the other content and / or feature that give shape, severally and together, to the Piping Mart offering are owned by The Piping Mart solely. None of such content may be reproduced, replicated, engineered in reverse, duplicated, copied, sold, resold or otherwise exploited by any User or visitor for any commercial or non-commercial purpose without a prior written permission by The Piping Mart.

The Piping Mart is the exclusive owner of any site enhancement and improvement of functionalities which results from suggestions submitted to The Piping Mart by its Users and/or visitors; no compensation is due by The Piping Mart to any User or Visitor for any such suggestions and/or recommendations.

3. User's Created Content

The Piping Mart is a B2B Directory where buyers and suppliers meet and finalize transactions by exchanging content and information online, via the services operated by the site. By using the site, Users acknowledge and agree that:

User acknowledges and agrees that The Piping Mart shall have the right (but not the obligation), discretionally, to refuse to publish (and / or to remove) any content at any time, for any reason or for no reason at all, with or without notice, transmitted and / or uploaded by any User on the site.The Piping Mart may additionally terminate the access to the site for any User who violates the Terms.
User acknowledges and agrees that The Piping Mart may disclose the User content or identity if needed by Law or if, in good faith, believes that the disclosure of content is important to comply with legal procedures, to enforce the Terms, to respond to claims associated with the violation of Third Party rights or to safeguard the rights, the property, or the personal safety of The Piping Mart, its Users, and the public. The Piping Mart reserves the right to cooperate with Governmental authorities and/or injured Third Parties in the investigation of any suspected criminal or wrongdoing connected to the User. In no case and no event shall The Piping Mart be responsible for the direct and the indirect damages that may be caused by the revelation of the User content or identity in the above cases and any case that required the revelation. Further, User is aware that The Piping Mart may discontinue its service and business and that User may consequently lose any content created, uploaded and/or received on the site, with no obligation for The Piping Mart to provide soft or hard copies of such content to any User.

User acknowledges and agrees that data transmitted via the site may be subject to encryption.

4. Other Website Content

The Site might contain hyperlinks in the form of text links, banners or otherwise, to external websites and data sources. User acknowledges and agrees that ThePipingmart.com does not control such websites, nor does monitor them or endorse and approve their content, products, services, and information in any manner.
Furthermore, User acknowledges and agrees that in no event and in no case, shall The Piping Mart be accountable and liable for any offensive, indecent, immoral or objectionable content published on the site by any User, or published on the hyperlinked websites, as The Piping Mart may not exercise any control or monitoring on the content published and/or exchanged among Users or published by external websites.

5. Registration and Accounts

The Organization shall assign the role of 'Administrator' to one of its Associates to register on The Piping Mart. The Administrator shall be an Associate of the Organization with the legal authority to bind the Organization to the Terms (The Piping Mart isn't supposed to check this requirement) and be older than eighteen years (or higher, if requested by local Laws).
The Administrator signs up the Organization providing an email address and a password (which become the access credentials for the Organization). As the sign-up process is completed, and The Piping Mart has verified the provided data, the Organization becomes an active User on The Piping Mart. The Administrator shall provide true, accurate, valid and complete information regarding the Organization and maintain such data true, accurate, valid, and complete. The Piping Mart is entitled to suspend Users that have provided untrue, inaccurate, invalid, or incomplete data at registration or after the registration or that register on the site with multiple accounts. The Piping Mart may additionally reject a registration and deactivate an account for any reason or no reason.
The Administrator manages the Organization on The Piping Mart and can produce new accounts and their access credentials, under the same User, for any other Associate requiring access to the services of the site ('Child Users').
The Administrator and every child User shall keep access credentials secret, choose secure passwords, update passwords regularly, log-out at the end of any work session, don't share the password with other Associates and/or Users and take any other initiative to safeguard the unauthorized use of the credential by malicious Third Parties. In no case and no event shall The Piping Mart be liable to the User for any direct and indirect harm caused by the violation of the User account by any Third Party. it is the responsibility of the User, and not of The Piping Mart, to implement any hardware and software solution, and/or internal security procedure and/or access controls, to prevent such violations and also the consequent possible unauthorized access to the account(s) by Third Parties.

6. Subscription Fees and Payments

The Piping Mart may offer service on trial basis (“Free Trial”) to any newly registered User. User shall subscribe and pay one of the paid-plans to use the site upon termination of the Free Trial services, however, has no obligation to do so.
The structure, the value and the period of the subscription fees ('Subscription Fees') are revealed and kept updated as they change, on the pricing pages of the site. the amount of the fees revealed on the pricing page of the site includes a general nature and reflect a 'normal' usage of the functionalities of the site for any given plan: The Piping Mart reserves to charge additional fees to any User that generates an above average volume of activity on the site. The Piping Mart additionally reserves the right to use different fees to a different group of Users, depending on its marketing and commercial plans. every plan may differ in terms of site options which will be accessed by different groups of Users. The Piping Mart could modify the services included in every plan by updating the conditions of the plans on the pricing page of the site. The Piping Mart may additionally apply special fees to user specific options of the site to all or any Users or groups of Users.
Unless otherwise indicated, Subscription Fees are due upon commencement of the subscription term fully and grant access, once paid, to the paid services of the site. Subscription Fees shall be paid in the currency elected by The Piping Mart, and User shall bear any currency conversion expense if any. The user is informed and agrees that The Piping Mart could block, permanently or temporarily, the access to the site to any User with due payments or rejected credit card payments.
If the User upgrades to a better plan during the subscription term, in case such option is given to Users, any progressive charge is collectible as the upgrade takes place. The plan is charged at the upgraded price in any consecutive subscription term. No refunds or credits are due by The Piping Mart if User elects to downgrade the signed plan, for the already executed payments. The user is informed that the downgrade of the subscription plan might cause loss of content, loss of features and/or capability of the service.
Subscription Fees paid by credit are shown on the User’s credit card statements. just in case a subscription plan is signed online, User hereby authorizes The Piping Mart to bill the credit card beforehand, on the continual basis in accordance with the terms of the service plan till the subscription is terminated by the User according to the provisions set herein. The Piping Mart uses a third-party credit card process entrance to process credit cards and isn't liable for any fault experienced by Users because of such gateway.
The user may terminate the account at the end of each subscription term or earlier. Unless the account and the subscription to the site are terminated by the User, the subscription to the site renews automatically for a subscription term equivalent, in time, to the then expiring subscription term. Unless otherwise provided for in any form, the Subscription Fees applicable to the subscription for any such succeeding subscription term shall be the standard subscription charges for the service plan to which User has subscribed at the time such subsequent subscription term commences.
No refunds or credits for subscription charges, or other fees or payments, shall be provided in case the User elects to terminate the subscription to the site or to cancel the account before the end of the then effective subscription term. Following the termination or cancelation of the subscription to the site and/or account, The Piping Mart reserves the right to delete any User’s information with no obligation for The Piping Mart to hand over the information generated by the User before the termination in any format.
The Piping Mart additionally has the right (but not the obligation) to suspend or terminate any account for any feature, product or service attributable to User inactivity for a certain period of time at The Piping Mart’s discretion.
If a User terminates his/her subscription to the Service or cancels his/her account before the end of his/her then effective subscription term or The Piping Mart effects such termination or cancelation, additionally to other due amounts, User shall pay immediately any then unpaid charges related to the remainder of such subscription term until the date of termination or cancellation. Such amounts shall not be due and payable in the event User has terminated the subscription due to a material breach of these terms by The Piping Mart, given that The Piping Mart has not resolved such breach within ninety (90) days from the date of notification (notification to be given within 3 business days from the date of the breach).
Generally, the Piping Mart Fees published on the pricing page of the site don't include any tax, levy, duty or similar governmental assessments, together with value-added tax, sales tax, use tax or withholding tax assessable and applicable by any jurisdiction outside of India. Users, and not The Piping Mart, are accountable to assess whether or not any such tax shall be charged by The Piping Mart, and their values, and therefore added to the fees. Users, and not The Piping Mart, shall verify the compliance of the Piping Mart’s invoices and charges with local financial Laws and regulations. Shall some taxes be found applicable to the Piping Mart normal fees, such taxes shall be borne and paid by the User promptly upon receipt of the amended, or corrective, invoice from The Piping Mart.

7. Rules of Conduct

By using The Piping Mart, User hereby warrants and agrees to submit or provide true, accurate, current and complete data to be displayed on the site and/or transmitted to other Users (such as RFQs and/or messages and/or Bids) and correct any defective information promptly as discovered. Users are also allotted some telecommunication means, including but not restricted to the email account, audio or visual meeting facilities, making and replying to RFQs, messages, bids, and inquiries, etc. The User shall not use these facilities for junk mails, chain letters or spamming or for the transmission of any unlawful, harassing, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, indecent, obscene or otherwise objectionable material of any kind. Abuses may lead to the termination of the account.
User hereby grants an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide and royalty-free, sub-licensable license to The Piping Mart, to display, use and reuse any User data provided on the site in accordance with the purposes of the The Piping Mart service and to exercise the copyright, publicity, and database rights the User has in such material or data in any media known.
User hereby represents warrants and agrees that it has obtained any necessary copyright or trademark, licenses and permission to publish information and content on the site and that such content doesn't violate the copyright, the trademark, the trade secret or any other personal or proprietary right of any Third Party. The user, and not The Piping Mart, is liable for any published content on the site. User agrees that any of the following circumstances is automatically considered a material breach of those Terms and will cause the termination of the User account by The Piping Mart, at once:
Use the site in violation of any local, national, or international law or Regulation;

8. Disclaimer of Warranties & Limitation of Liability

The Piping Mart makes no representations or warranties concerning the validity, the accuracy, the correctness, the responsibleness, the standard, the soundness, the completeness or the viability of any data and/or content transmitted or received from/by Users on the site. Any content or data on the site, either uploaded by The Piping Mart or exchanged among Users, might contain inaccuracies or typographic errors, be defective, incomplete or not dependable. Data could also be modified, deleted or updated without notice by any User or by The Piping Mart.
User expressly understands and agrees that the employment of any feature and service provided or available on the site is at User's own risk and account. The Piping Mart cannot foresee or anticipate technical or other difficulties which will hinder the provision of the service or the standard of the service. These difficulties may even lead to loss of Users information or service interruptions of any kind and duration, at any time. Also, User is informed and agrees that any material or data downloaded, or otherwise obtained through the site, could harm the User server or computers and generate the huge loss of information of any nature. The user, and not The Piping Mart, is accountable for any such adverse event and shall implement any measure to reduce the chance of information loss (example regular backups of any information and application in use within the User, implement antivirus software system and firewalls, etc.). A high-speed internet connection is needed to use the service properly (example ADSL or higher). Users are accountable, and not The Piping Mart, to secure and maintain the suitable network connections to access the site smoothly, including but not restricted to, a “browser” software that supports the protocols utilized by The Piping Mart and computers with appropriate computational speed and memory. The Piping Mart isn't obligated to notify Users the fixes or the enhancements to the site, as they're enforced; neither is answerable for any compromise or theft of information, including Users information of some type and nature, resulting from the transmission of information across computer networks or telecommunications facilities (including but not restricted to the Internet) whereas accessing the site. The Piping Mart assumes no responsibility for the reliableness and/or the performance and/or stability of any connections utilized by Users to access the site and also the actual performance of the site.
The Piping Mart expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether categorical or implicit, including, but not restricted to, the implicit warranties of merchantability, fitness for a purpose and non-infringement concerning the product made available through the site by any User to any other Users or visitant. The Piping Mart makes no pledge that: (a) the features, product and services made accessible by the site by Users meet other User's needs and expectations, in nature, quantity and quality, (b) The service provided online is offered in an uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free manner, (c) the result and/or the business goals that may be obtained by using the site are correct, dependable, profitable and/or reliable, (d) the standard of any product, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by User through the features and services of the site meets User's expectations. User expressly understands and agrees that The Piping Mart shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever, resulting from (a) the utilization or the inability to use the site, (b) any defect within the product, the samples, the data, the / or the services purchased or obtained by a User using the site, (c) the unauthorized access to or alteration of any User's transmission, data or private info by Third Parties (d) any wrongdoing of any User of the site, (e) any material, information or data uploaded by Users and / or Third Parties and made available, or not, to other Users.
Further, The Piping Mart makes no representations whatsoever regarding the accuracy and the truthfulness of any data obtained by other websites that Users might access via links available on the site. when a User accesses a website apart from The Piping Mart, via a link available on The Piping Mart , User acknowledges and understands that such website is completely independent of The Piping Mart and that The Piping Mart has no management over the quality and the quantity of the content on such website, and that the existence of links to other websites on The Piping Mart doesn't mean that The Piping Mart endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content, the use, and/or product and services made available through such web site in any manner whatsoever.


The Piping Mart shall not be liable to the User for delays or failures in performance or disruption of the content, features or services of the site resulting, directly or indirectly, from Acts of God, forces or causes beyond its reasonable control, together with however not restricted to, internet failures, telecommunications or the other equipment failures, electric power failures, labour disputes, riots, disturbances, flood, storms, explosions, fires, acts of war, governmental actions, orders of domestic or international courts.

9. Intellectual Property Rights and Marks

Users and The Piping Mart maintain all rights, title and interest in and to any or all the individual patents, inventions, copyrights, trademarks, workflows and processes, domain names, trade secrets, ability and the other material possession and/or proprietary rights (collectively, “Intellectual Property Rights”).
The rights granted to Users to use the Service under these Terms don't convey any further rights in the Service to Users or in any intellectual property Rights associated therewith. All rights title and interest in and to the Service and all hardware, software and other elements of, or used to offer the service, together with all connected intellectual property Rights, shall remain with and belong completely to The Piping Mart.
The Piping Mart shall have a royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, sub-licensable, irrevocable and perpetual license to include the service or otherwise use any suggestions, improvement requests, recommendations or other feedback received from Users.
The Piping Mart, and The Piping Mart’s other product and Service names, and logos used or displayed on the Site are registered or unregistered trademarks of The Piping Mart (collectively, “Marks”), and Users may only use such Marks to be identified as Subscribers to the Service; Users shall not attempt, now or in the future, to claim any rights in the Marks, degrade the distinctiveness of the Marks, or use the Marks to disparage or misrepresent The Piping Mart, its Services and/or products.

10. Data Download

Unless expressly permissible by The Piping Mart, it's strictly prohibited to download, copy, mirror, archive, intercept, reverse-engineer or send content from any page or information of this site. Even if allowable by The Piping Mart, the data downloaded from the site doesn't provide any title or any other rights thereto. Redistribution, creating a derivative work from and any other commercial exploitation of any content on the site or of any software package downloaded from the site is expressly prohibited. using boots, spiders, scrapers, other indexing means or any other device to copy any part of the site or use of any technology or other means to cover User identity when accessing the site also are strictly prohibited. Users additionally conform to generate on the site a standard band load. Any violation may confirm the termination of the account.

11. Compliance with US / EU Export Control

The Service that The Piping Mart provides is subject to the U.S. and to the E.U. export control Laws, together with embargo provisions with special territories. User agrees to comply with all such Laws and rules when using the site. Users settled in any Jurisdiction during which the provision of the service is prohibited under the U.S. and the E.U. or under other applicable Laws or rules shall not use the site and shall not provide, directly or indirectly, access to the site to any government, entity or individual settled in any prohibited Jurisdiction. User represents and warrants that: (a) is not named on any U.S. government list of persons or entities that cannot export or import the merchandise available on The Piping Mart, (b) is not a national of, or a company registered in, any prohibited Jurisdiction, (c) does not allow staff to access or use the Service in violation of any U.S. and E.U. export control Laws, prohibitions or restrictions.

12. General Conditions and Assignment

User agrees to indemnify and hold The Piping Mart and its affiliates, executives, directors and employees, harmless from any claim or demand (including legal expenses and professional expenses) made by any Third Party as a result of, or arising out, of the User's breach of these Terms (and related provisions offered on the site, if any) or User's violation of any Law or the rights of any Third Party.
These Terms and nothing else constitute the complete agreement and understanding between The Piping Mart and also the User, superseding any previous agreement and/or understanding(s) or any other indication and data elsewhere collected or assumed by the User.
Headings utilized in the various sections of these Terms are for reference purposes solely and in no way, define, limit, interpret or describe the scope or extent of such parts or sections within these Terms.
Users may not, directly or indirectly, by operation of Law or otherwise, assign all or any part of these Terms or our rights under these Terms, or delegate the performance of duties under these Terms, to any Third Party without the Piping Mart wrote consent.
The Piping Mart may, without Users’ consent, assign the rights arising from these Terms to any other company selected by The Piping Mart or to any Successor or Third Party, only if any such Successor agrees to fulfill the obligations consistent to these Terms. Subject to the foregoing restrictions, these Terms shall be totally binding upon, inure to the advantage of and be enforceable by the parties and their respective Successors and Assigns.
The Piping Mart failure to enforce at any time any specific provision of these Terms doesn't constitute a release of that provision or of any other provision of these Terms.

13. A relationship among the Parties

The Piping Mart and the Users are independent contractors. These Terms don't create a franchise, venture, agency, partnership, and fiduciary or employment relationship among the parties in any manner and for any reason.

14. Notice

All notices to be provided by The Piping Mart to Users under these Terms shall be delivered in writing either: (a) by recognized delivery service, courier or mail to the contact address provided by Users upon registration; or (b) by electronic message (email) to the electronic message address provided by Users upon registration; or (c) by banner notices on the website or the chat electronic messaging system implemented on the site. The user may miss notices just in case the e-mail address provided at registration is outdated; it is User responsibility, and not The Piping Mart 's, to keep any contact information up to date not to miss notices and communications. Such notices are supposed as given, as marked as 'sent' (or similar) on any The Piping Mart email client.
Users shall provide any notice to The Piping Mart in writing by registered letter to the corporate address reported on the site. The Piping Mart does not accept communications received from Users by other means (example: [email protected]).

15. Governing Law

This Terms and the overall relation between The Piping Mart and Users are subject to the Laws of Mumbai, India. If any provision in these Terms is held by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, such provision shall be modified by the Court and interpreted to best accomplish the original provision fully permitted by Law, and the remaining provisions of these Terms shall remain into full effect. Privacy policy
The Piping Mart respects the privacy of its Users and visitors and has enforced reasonable measures to safeguard such privacy. The Piping Mart Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Policy') explains what is considered private information ('Private Information') and how it is collected and used. The continued use of the site by the User constitutes the User's agreement to be bound to this Policy. in case the User refuses to simply accept the Policy, the User shall stop to use the site.

1. Personal Information and Public Information
The Piping Mart considers the following information as Private Information:
The Piping Mart considers public information ('Public Information'):
2. Usage of Private Information
2.1 Scope
ThePipingmart.com uses Private Information to:
2.2 Sharing of Private Information
By using the Site, User acknowledges and agrees that The Piping Mart may share Private Information with:

3. Means of Collection of Private Information
The Piping Mart collects Private Information from multiple sources:
1. Information Provided by Users

This type of personal data is collected when Users register with The Piping Mart or execute transactions on the site. The Piping Mart additionally collects private data when Users upload or send data to, or through, the service, participate in contests or promotions offered by The Piping Mart or its partners, reply to surveys, or otherwise communicate with other Users or The Piping Mart online or offline.

2. Log Files

The Piping Mart gathers and stores, directly or indirectly, specific website usage details (at the User level) in log files. Such info includes IP addresses as well as browser details; ISP information, referring/exit pages, software package, date/time stamp, and clickstream data. The Piping Mart collects this data to trace the usage of the service and its sites, to boost the service for individual Users or all Users, to research trends, to administer and maintain the Service or to trace the usage of various options within the Service.

3. Web Beacons

The Piping Mart additionally uses web beacons that are small graphics with a unique symbol, similar in function to cookies that are capable to trace the online movements and clicks of Users. The Piping Mart generally places web beacons on the HTML pages and on the outgoing emails to find out which content has been visualized by Users, how many times and when. This enables The Piping Mart to assess the effectiveness of its promoting campaigns as well as to operate and improve the service for the benefit of the present and also the future Users. Users will typically choose such tracking via browser settings or by unsubscribing to emails.

4. Links to other websites

The Piping Mart may capture private data when User clicks on the links to external websites or applications. Users shall bear in mind that The Piping Mart does not monitor, control, determine, and is not liable for, or endorses, the Privacy practices of the websites and therefore the applications operated by such Third Parties, coupled to The Piping Mart. Users, and not The Piping Mart, shall read the policies of such linked websites and applications and confirm whether or not they can be accepted. This Policy applies solely to the private data collected by The Piping Mart, and not by other websites.

5. Public Forums

The Piping Mart offers publicly-accessible blogs and/or forums and may capture private info as the User creates content in such pages. Users shall bear in mind that any info provided on such platforms could also be read, collected, and employed by other Users and visitors that have access to the related pages. User shall contact The Piping Mart to have specific data removed from such blogs and forums; The Piping Mart isn't always in a position to delete such content nevertheless.

6. Other Sources

The Piping Mart may also collect data regarding Users from Third Parties, together with however not restricted to 3rd Party verification Services, credit bureaus, mailing list providers, and publically accessible sources. In some circumstances, depending on the character of Services accessible in a particular country, this data might include tax and financial data.

4. Security of Information

The Piping Mart has enforced reasonable software and hardware measures to safeguard the personal information of its Users. However, as no internet, e-mail and network connection is absolutely secure, even if the newest technologies are adopted, Users shall share personal data with due caution on the site and take any necessary measures to safeguard sensitive and private information. Users shall additionally protect the access credentials of its Associates, and implement internal procedures in such sense, to reduce the chance of unauthorized access to personal data by Third Parties.

5. Hosting and Data Transfer

The Piping Mart is based in India, but the Site may be hosted at providers located in other countries. When User access the Site, and transmits or upload information and content on the Site, User agrees to let The Piping Mart process such content in territories which may be different from India or the User's own country. User further represents to have the authority to provide such consent.

6. Opt-out Marketing Communications

User may opt out any marketing communication by unsubscribing from the mailing list or contacting The Piping Mart by email.

7. Deletion of Private Information

Users may request the deletion of Private Information. By requesting the deletion of Private Information, User may lose the ability to use the service. The Piping Mart is anyway entitled to keep the Private Information for a period of 10 years from the date of the request.

8. Data Retention

The Piping Mart is entitled to retain personal data for a period of 10 years from the date of termination of the account by User, or from the date of request of cancellation of personal data or from the date of the User's latest access to comply with its legal obligations associated with information conservation, to keep up accurate accounting, to resolve disputes and enforce its Terms. However, The Piping Mart may decide to erase User's personal data before the termination of such period if necessary.

9. Policy Update

The Piping Mart may amend this Policy from time to time. The Piping Mart, may, but is not obligated to, inform Users in case of changes by publishing the update on this webpage. Users shall review this Policy regularly. The continued use of the site constitutes User's agreement to be bound to the most recent version of the Policy. If User doesn't accept the Policy, or any of its changes and amendments, shall stop to use the service and terminate the account.

10. Assign and Transfer

The Piping Mart may assign or transfer this Policy, and the User personal data to any individual or entity that acquires all or considerably all of the business, stock or assets of, or is integrated with The Piping Mart.

11. Clarifications

In case of questions, User is invited to contact The Piping Mart at [email protected]

12. Data security
ThePipingmart.com protects customer data security as a key business imperative.
1. Approach to Security

The Piping Mart has implemented a robust software and hardware architecture to maximize the chances to protect Users data and Private Information.

2. Access control

User sign in the Site by providing an email and a password. Users shall protect their passwords with due care to prevent the risk unauthorized accesses. The service is automatically logged off after a predefined inactivity period for security reasons.

3. Access security

The Piping Mart keeps Users access logs to track and prevent possible anomalies. Users shall cooperate with The Piping Mart to make sure access credentials are not intercepted by Third Parties.

4. Vulnerability management

The Piping Mart uses industry-recognized, enterprise-class security solutions to identify, analyze, and swiftly mitigate potential vulnerabilities. Firewalls and antivirus software protect our servers from malicious attacks.

5. Servers security

ThePipingmart.com servers are hosted on Tier III, SSAE-16, or ISO 27001 compliant facilities. Such facilities feature 24-hour security, biometric access management, video surveillance and physical locks. The facilities are powered by redundant power, each with UPS and backup generators. All systems, networked devices, and circuits are perpetually monitored by the provider of the hosting service.

6. Network security

Our network is protected by redundant layer seven firewalls, best-of-class router technology, regular audits, and network intrusion detection that monitors for malicious traffic and network attacks. Network security scanning offers us deep insight to spot of out-of-compliance systems. A security incident event management (SIEM) system gathers logs from all network systems and creates triggers based on correlative events.

7. Transmission security

All communications with ThePipingmart.com servers are encrypted using industry standard SSL. For email, our product supports Transport Layer Security (TLS), a protocol that encrypts and delivers email firmly, mitigating eavesdropping and spoofing between mail servers.

8. Cookies

A cookie is a small file temporarily placed on the User’s hard drive. The main purpose of a cookie is to permit an internet server to spot the computer of a selected User, as well as the used browser, and optimize User expertise. The Piping mart uses session and persistent cookies to show the most likely needed data promptly and support the User. Cookies do not The Piping mart to access the computers of its Users and do not enable The Piping mart to gather personal data from the target computer. Session cookies disappear from the computer as the browser is closed or the computer is turned off. Persistent cookies remain on computers after the web browser is closed or the computer is turned off.

The cookies we use or may use can be grouped as follows: